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Stitch Logo creates affordable custom stores for every size business and industry. A support team will help from the initial setup through order fulfillment.

Low cost setup fees to create your logo files for decoration. No charge for ecommerce store creation and maintenance.

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Not only can you choose your items, but you can choose what colors to offer and what departments you want to order them.


Our Customer Support team works together to help make your store run smoothly from creation to fulfillment.


Designed to provide a service to our customers with low cost setup and no yearly maintenance fees.


All stores are designed to look similar to your website and brand.


Unique shipping solutions to maximize your budget.


Easily place orders anytime and from any device.


Custom made online company stores create endless possibilites. From store creation to billing, branding, delivery and design Stitch Logo will have the solution you need to build confidence in your brand.

Store solutions to manage employee orders, create an employee store. Easily manage uniforms with a uniform store.

Uniform Management and Corporate Branding Merchandise

Temporary Pop up Stores for Group Orders and Holiday Corporate Gifts

Combination your Uniform Store with Special Event Gifts

Store solutions to manage employee orders, create an employee store. Easily manage uniforms with a uniform store.

branding solutions

20+ Years of Experience in custom branding. High Quality & Consistant Results.


Shop Industry Uniforms and Name Brands to Select Styles for your Company Store.

Stitch Logo has created a list of popular styles for a variety of industries. You have the option to either pick from the showcased products or select your own to formulate a personalized uniform program for your business, event or group.

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McKenna School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Richard McKenna Charter Schools started its program by ordering shirts and sweatshirts for student uniforms. Shortly after, the teachers and administrators requested professional attire be added to the store for personal wear. Recently, parents requested to have a storefront to order additional uniforms for their children. Today, Richard McKenna has two company stores, one for school staff and another for parents increasing school spirit!

Transportation Uniforms


Co-West reached out to Stitch Logo for help. Responsible for ordering uniforms for five different transportation hubs, the ordering process was confusing. By creating a company store, we were able to list the different logo designs under each item to make ordering easier. Today, Co-West has expanded to nine hubs and ordering has never been easier.

Medical Uniform Shop

Medical & Health Care

Rebranding from another company name, Leixir needed new branded apparel for everyone and quickly. Stitch Logo was able to match threads to the new colorful design and issue vouchers to every employee to get them outfitted quickly and distribute them to locations along the east coast. We were even able to decorate couch pillowcases for the waiting rooms.