Create your own Custom Company Store or Uniform Store

The first step in creating a custom store is to figure what you want to accomplish with your store. By answering the following questions, we can come up with a plan that will suit your specific needs! What kind of problems are you running into now with ordering uniforms or custom apparel?  What are you trying to achieve by having a custom store? How do you imagine your custom store working?  What do I want to offer on my store? Who will be ordering from the store? How will the orders be paid for? How many locations will we be shipping to? How many people will be utilizing the website and placing orders?

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Shop Popular Brands for your Custom Uniform Stores

Click an image below to visit for a current style listing for each brand. Many other brands and styles available. See more at the bottom of the page, view one of our online catalog or call us for more information. (877) 652-8600

Custom Company Stores Made Easy

Over the last 20 years Stitch Logo has been providing quality custom apparel and uniforms to businesses just like yours. We have become experts at finding real solutions in regards to uniforms, custom apparel and benefit programs. Just in the last 5 years we have been providing custom Company Stores, Uniforms Stores, Medical Color-Code Programs & Franchise Uniform Programs.

This new site is for small to mid-sized businesses that are in need of an ordering solution. Larger businesses or businesses with more complex ordering needs will be designated their own online company store and website platform. Custom Store Guide PDF