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Three simple steps to get your custom store started today!

If at any time you have a question in regards to a custom store or employee store, please reach out to our web designer and she will be happy to answer any questions. (877) 652-8600 x 105

1) Decide which store is right for your business and choose your company store name. 

Decide which store type is right for your business and what you qualify for based off your estimated yearly purchase. (Please reference the chart below)

Companies that qualify for a unique store can select the name of their store. A sub-domain of will be created We recommend choosing something short and easy to remember for those utilizing the store.

Online Uniform Store for My Business
  • Custom Web Page: A custom web page is when we dedicate an entire page to your business. It will be located on both our and websites. Please click here to see a  sample of the College Fresh uniform page.
  • Custom Website: A custom website is a unique store just for your business. A list of sample company stores is listed below. This is where you choose the name of your store and only your products and information will be listed. This type of store offers more customization.

Boston Orthopaedic     Faller Davis & Assoc.     Gemaire Distributors
Sinclair Gas Stations      Tropicana Supermarket

Email the type of store you would like to create and the name you would like to use.

2) Email your logo(s) for review.

Stitch Logo will review your design to ensure we can produce a clean embroidery for your business. We may suggest edits to your logo so that it is legible and will show up well on your items.

Most file formats are accepted as long as it is clear. Acceptable common formats .jpg, .gif, .ai, .cdr, .pdf, .png., etc.

If you are trying to match an existing embroidery, please send a picture of it with the size dimensions. A sew-out proof is always sent before any item is embroidered. Thread colors can be changed for light and dark items at no extra charge.

Email your logo design(s).

3) Choose products for your store.

You can select the products for your store two different ways:

  • Select the specific products you want to offer on your company store or uniform store by shopping on or viewing our online catalogs. Please email a list of style numbers and colors you would like to offer.
  • Another option for selecting items would be to provide us with a list of categories and we can select popular styles in those categories to offer. Please let us know a price range you are looking stay within, colors you would like to offer and any other special requests.

Employee Store - Online Company Stores

Contact our Web Designer

Cheryl is the web designer at Stitch Logo and will work with your to bring your Custom Company Store to life.

Please call or email Cheryl with any and all questions!

(877) 652-8600 x 105

Online Company Stores FAQ

What types of custom stores has Stitch Logo created?

Employee Uniform Programs, Employee Benefit Programs, Corporate Apparel Program, Government Uniform Programs, Franchise Programs, Medical Color-Code Uniform Programs.


Offering Vouchers / Credits

Stitch Logo can create vouchers that can be offered as a benefit, employee reward, uniform allotment, etc.▪ Pay for only for what is used.▪ 50% deposit required before issued▪ $100 fee to create vouchers for Tiers 2 & 3▪ $0.75/each to distribute vouchers to individuals for Tiers 2 & 3

Number of Logo Designs

Changing thread colors based on light or dark shirts is included in the 1 logo design limit. Tiers 2 & 3 can offer both a flat (shirts, jacket) embroidered logo and a hat logo.

Bundle Employee Orders

Stitch Logo can individually package bulk orders by employee. Orders will be bagged and labeled with either a packing slip or paid invoice for easy distribution. Depending on order size and number of shipping locations, pricing will vary. Please contact us for more information.

Alternate Decoration Methods

Heat press and embroidered patches are good options for custom stores as we can order in bulk to have in hand and apply them as orders come in.

Screen-print does not work with a company store as a minimum order is required for print.

Shipping Costs

Stitch Logo ships standard UPS Ground. This fee is waived with a $299+ apparel purchase if shipped within the Contiguous US.

Depending on how we are shipping products from your store different options are available. We will work with you to find the most cost efficient way to deliver your orders.

Delivery Time

Standard delivery time for custom apparel is 2-3 weeks. Back orders and delayed shipments can cause delays. We make every effort to reach out in a timely manner to let you know if there is a delay and may offer a style substitute that can arriver faster. Initial orders from a company store may take a bit longer than average as we implement new strategies and work flow systems.

Sample Company Stores

Have something else in mind?

Contact our web designer to see if your needs fit within our program limitations.

Cheryl Lyon (877) 652-8600 x 105

Stitch Logo is open to new ideas and is always searching for solutions that make ordering uniforms and custom apparel easier for our customers.